Monday, July 6, 2009


"Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you; he rises to show you compassion. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him." 
Isaiah 30:18

Is it just me or is patience one of the hardest things to practice. 
You think we would have learned how to wait patiently by now.
We have been doing it for YEARS!
It feels like everything in life requires waiting. 
But it is still so difficult. 

We are progressive people. We don't like to be the same today as we were yesterday. We expect to see growth. And if things don't change exactly when WE think they should, we get antsy. We start praying things like "God, where are you...can you still hear me?" We convince ourselves that we have been forgotten about and left behind. We start to believe that every closed door is God sticking his tongue out at us. Then comes feelings of hopelessness and depression. 

I believe that the enemy uses depression as an attack weapon.  He sneaks into our thoughts and fills our heads with lies about our future. He tells us we aren't good enough. He makes us believe we will always be stuck in the same rut. He singlehandedly uses lies to kill our motivation until we give up on what we were made to do. 

Our problem is, once again, our mindset. The voice of lies stops us dead in our tracks and we allow ourselves to believe that the God of love would actually forget about one of His own children.
We limit God everyday with our thoughts. 
For some reason we see him as the enemy. 
We forget that He is outside of our realm of time. 
We forget that He is in control. 
We forget that He wants the best for us.

It is WE who forget ... not God. 

"Is there a problem too awful or too hard for God to handle? If your answer to this question is anything other than 'no', your understanding of God is too small. Our God is a great and limitless God. He dwells in eternity and operates in infinity.  He has all things within His understanding and all things under His control. " Charles F. Stanley

Waiting is difficult. But it is something you will, most likely, always be asked to do. 
Just remember which voice to listen to when you are waiting. If it is a negative voice, it is the enemy feeding you lies. 

Always listen to the voice of truth, if you can't hear it maybe you aren't listening....or maybe your own thoughts are too loud. 


  1. PERFECT for today :)

  2. i just now got to read all of these blogs because ive barely been on FB lately. I think God timed it perfectly for me because i needed ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING i read today! Sissy have no doubt that God is using your words tremendously! I know this because i have been spoken to very strongly through your words. There is passion and there is spirit in these words and i feel that they are saturated with His Spirit! I am soo proud of you...keep being led and i will pray that your leading will change peoples lives!